• Evangelism


    The primary focus of our ministry is and will always be Evangelism.  It is our aim to minister to the whole person, but that ministry must begin with Evangelism.  We use other programs to initiate contact with people in order to share the Gospel of Christ with…

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  • Discipleship


    In 2018, Circle J Ministries began teaching Discipleship Classes in the Lilongwe area.  These classes include a series of twelve lessons that have been translated into Chichewa and printed in several sets to be used by the churches in our absence.  These lessons cover why and how…

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  • Widows and Orphans Programs

    Widows and Orphans Programs

    There is no shortage of widows and orphans in Malawi.  The HIV/AIDS crisis has devastated the country and much of the African continent, leaving millions of widows and orphans. A woman who has been widowed has a tough time in Malawi.  Families, traditionally, look to the husband…

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  • Pastor Support

    Pastor Support

    There is a shortage of pastors throughout the country of Malawi, especially in the rural areas.  It is hard for churches in these rural areas to attract a full time pastor, as there are few opportunities for a pastor to support himself and his family.  Small or…

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  • Bible Clubs

    Bible Clubs

    In the schools where we share the Gospel, we always ask if the school has a Bible Club.  These are extracurricular clubs that meet once a week after schools hours and are completely voluntary.  In many of the schools, where there are Christian teachers, they already have…

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  • Community Enrichment

    Community Enrichment

    Since the beginning of our ministry, Circle J Ministries has been involved with the communities where we share the Gospel.  It is not enough to come in, share the Gospel, and move on.  At Circle J Ministries, we feel that we should be a part of these…

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  • Jesus Film Ministry

    Jesus Film Ministry

    The primary tool that we use for evangelism in the bush/rural areas is the Jesus Film.  Each evening we are in country, we travel to a different rural village, where we set up a projector and screen.  We play some music and Christian videos and a pastor…

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  • HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention

    HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention

    HIV/AIDS has had a devastating effect on the people of Malawi.  As many as 1 in 4 of the students in the schools where we share the Gospel live in homes with no adult because the adults have died from AIDS.  Through HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention programs,…

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  • Church Planting

    Church Planting

    One of the greatest results of evangelism in the schools and the villages is that we are privileged to be able to plant churches in area where no churches previously existed.  We have been able to plant 9 churches in and around the Lilongwe area, 1 church…

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