Tracy is the Co-Founder and Treasurer of Circle J Ministries International, Inc.

Tracy first became involved with missions through the Women's Missionary Union at church. She taught Mission Friends and Acteens and longed to go to the mission field.

In early years of marriage to Randall, she stayed home and raised two boys, Justin and James, while he went on the mission trips.  In those years she was very active in WMU and Baptist Young Women in the local church and Dogwood Baptist Association, learning and growing to love missions more and more. As the kids graduated and moved on with their lives, so did Tracy.

She began to participate in mission trips, first to Mexico, then Taiwan, and since 2013, to Malawi.  In Malawi she has ministered with pastors and their wives, widows, and orphans.  She has been very involved with Hope for Widows of Malawi, a community enrichment organization that teaches widows how to provide for themselves and their children. Tracy has also taught discipleship seminars, ladies conferences, and pastors' wives conferences in and around Lilongwe and Blantyre.

Through Circle J Ministries International, Tracy hopes to continue to reach the people of Malawi with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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