Pastor Support

There is a shortage of pastors throughout the country of Malawi, especially in the rural areas.  It is hard for churches in these rural areas to attract a full time pastor, as there are few opportunities for a pastor to support himself and his family.  Small or new churches are, most often, unable to financially support a pastor.  So, as a result, many pastors take churches in the cities, where there are more opportunities to provide for himself and his family.

Many of the pastors that we work with pastor churches in the city and also have multiple churches in the rural areas.  Any time that we plant a church in a rural area, one of the pastors that we work with will take that church on under his ministry.  We work with pastors that may be pastoring 10 or more churches at the same time.  The "Mother Church" will send deacons to these rural churches each Sunday to preach the Word to the people.  The pastor will visit each of the churches under his ministry on a regular basis and will also perform baptisms, funerals, and communion.

Circle J Ministries helps to provide materials for Bible study, the elements for communion, and other needs that these pastors may request.  We also conduct Pastor's and Wives Conferences in the areas where we serve.

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