Jesus Film Ministry

The primary tool that we use for evangelism in the bush/rural areas is the Jesus Film.  Each evening we are in country, we travel to a different rural village, where we set up a projector and screen.  We play some music and Christian videos and a pastor will announce that we will be showing the film as soon as it gets dark.  People come from everywhere within earshot.  Of course the children arrive first but the adults are not far behind.  Near the end of the film, we stop the video and present the Gospel and give an invitation.  We have seen thousands of people respond to the Gospel at these showings.

The Jesus Film is also a great tool for church planting. Pastors will choose areas in which to show the film based on their evaluation of those areas as places to start churches or preaching points.

When we first started showing the Jesus Film in Malawi, we would rent old, worn out reel to reel projectors and generators.  More often than not either the projector or the generator would malfunction and we could not complete the film.  It was very frustrating.  We discovered a company in Georgia, called Renew World Outreach.  This company specializes in assembling equipment for showing the Jesus Film throughout the world. The have one package that have everything needed to show the Jesus Film that fits in a single special backpack and weighs just 42 pounds.  It works off of a battery about the size of a large cellphone but twice as thick and it hold enough charge to show the film two times.  We have three of these systems already in Malawi and we will be taking additional sets as the money becomes available to buy more of them.  The pastors we work with use these sets of equipment every month, except during the rainy season, even in our absence.

A complete set of this equipment can be purchased for $2,195 (early 2020 price.)

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